Substance Over Style: the May edition

Elaine StewartElaine Stewart, who was born on this day in 1915

Welcome to the inaugural Style and Substance post, a monthly round-up of some of the best costume, film, fashion, style (and everything in-between) articles from t’Internet.

The fabulous FrockTalk interviewed costume designer Ellen Mirojnick about the costumes in Behind the Candelabra

James Worthington DeMolet talks to The Cut about J Magazine, a new magazine that asks ‘How can fashion be feminist?’
Louise Mensch’s reality-based feminism vs. Laurie Penny’s lessons on privilege from the internet
Sex sells: especially if it’s selling men’s underwear, but is it time for Less Ab, More Flab?
The ever-excellent Fashion Abecedaire on Kiera Knightly’s dress in Last Night
Where have all the women gone in movies? According to a USC report, female representation is at its lowest level in five years.
Cannes, Capitalism, the Red Carpet and India: Indian fashion, identity and the representation of women through the lens of Cannes
Cashing in on Gatsby fever, Vanity Fair dug out Christopher Hitchens’ handwritten notes on Fitzgerald’s classic tome
Inspiring: Fast Company found out just how Jenna Lyons transformed J.Crew into a cult brand
History repeats itself. Less a post, more an entire blog that pairs and contextualizes contemporary fashion images with their historical counterparts.

And finally, just because: Leo and Tobey: the greatest bromance Hollywood ever told


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