Substance Over Style: the July edition

frances mclaughlin gillFrances Mclaughlin Gill for Conde Nast, 1954

Somewhat startled to discover it’s that time again. Here’s the round-up of what was best in July.

The New Yorker mused on difficult women, or how SATC lost its good name; the Hairpin had a pretty good response.
If you’ve been obsessing over Scandal, make some time for Sady Doyle’s feature on Helen Thomas, the White House reporter who set the bar for tenacity
What happens when rape goes viral?
Lucie_M flagged this one: apparently, Lean In isn’t just about becoming a CEO or running for office. Is it time to give Sheryl another chance?
Clueless celebrated its 18th birthday – if you can believe that. Thanks to Clothes on Film for flagging this one.
Toms, social entrepreneurship, and how to create your ‘business soulmate’ an interesting read in the light of the Bangladesh factory disaster
Fashion and decadence and excess in 1993
In an ongoing feature, The Kitty Packard Pictorial interviewed Brandie Ashe, the author of True Classics
Sometimes it’s important to remember: how you do anything is how you do everything

And last, but by no means least, there’s always time for the Ballets Russes – especially when the costumes are this fabulous.

frances mclaughlin gillFrances Mclaughlin Gill  

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