Substance Over Style: the August edit

bette franke vogue china

Marking the end of August is never easy – it confirms that summer is over. Surmounting the theory that it’s a slow month, here’s what was most noteworthy:

A really insightful Q& A with costume designer Annie Hardinge about her latest film, Austenland.
First Lady style…or how Ruth Carter transformed Jane Fonda into an 80’s-era Nancy Reagan for The Butler.
How do changing body shapes affect the appearance of period costume? Clothes On Film has the answer in The Look of Love: Dressing the No-Body Body
It’s not your fault: why you’re addicted to TV. The astonishing way the internet and streaming services are changing the way we watch TV. Or, just blame the scriptwriters.
There’s been a whole lot said about #solidarityisforwhitewomen. Some great reads include: Why solidarity is bullshit (via Bitch Magazine), and What picketing taught me about feminism (via Salon).
Musings of an Inappropriate Woman had something interesting to say (as usual) about feminism, man problems and, more specifically, Hugo Schwyzer.
What’s Alexander Wang (newly-appointed, wunderkind designer at Balenciaga) all about?
Looking ahead to fashion week: Suzy Menkes has something to say about The new speed of fashion whilst the Parisian maisons enjoy their traditional summer vacances.
Have you seen the new M&S advertising campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz and featuring, among others, Grace Coddington, Karen Elson, Helen Mirren, Tracey Emin and Darcey Bussell?

And finally, because September is all about fresh starts, new notebooks and brand new shoes (right?) here’s 9 easy-to-steal habits of the super successful

Until next time!

bette franke vogue china

bette frank vogue china

All images: Bette Franke in Grey Garden by Daniel Jackson for Vogue China


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