Substance Over Style: the September edit

ellen von unwerth

Girl Games by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs. Magazine

September: thanks to years of back-to-school gloom it’s the month that can either inspire change or encourage hibernation. Seeing as it also marks the start of the fashion week merry-go-round, here’s hoping it’s the former.

The excellent Chris Laverty ponders the Working Girl and the culture of power dressing
70s style and dressing Chris Hemsworth in Rush with costume designer Julian Day
Imran Amed wonders if fashion week is for sale (on Instagram, it probably is) while Vanessa Friedman has something to say about brands that follow fashion rather than create it.
Conscious consumerism: talking with the founders of ethical shopping site Zady.
Why are fashion museums à la mode? According to the New York Times, museum execs, conscious of the bottom lines, are eager to gain some of the record-breaking 660,000-plus attendance of the Met’s McQueen exhibition in 2011. Of course they are.
What’s it mean to slouch towards femininsm?
What’s next for same-sex marriage in the US? It’s not even close to being OK for a boy to like Barbies and sparkly pink dresses or to swish when he grows up—or for a girl to be so masculine that people nearly do a double take trying to figure out which sex she fits
The real mommy war: forget work versus home, bottle versus breast, the real war is against mothers that don’t have choices.
What do male feminists look like in the digital age? Charting the rise and fall of Hugo Schwyzer, America’s most infamous ‘male feminist’.
Happiness is not the same as a sense of meaning. How do we go about finding a meaningful life, not just a happy one? vs. the habits of supremely happy people.

A final note in procrastination: advice for writing: or what I know so far, which might actually be nothing at all

Until next time!

ellen von unwerth

Girl Games by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs. Magazine


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