Substance Over Style: the October edit


It was a strange month, during which London was battered by storms, I embraced early mornings and was interviewed by Fashion Abecedaire about my blogging habits, found the time to visit a few of my favourite restaurants but didn’t find time for all my friends, and finally did that thing where you reinvent your look for a new season. If that’s not enough, here’s what else was good:

It might suggest you dress like a man, but this month’s favourite new blog find by a mile is BAMF Style, if only for the incredible detail that goes into post.
Excellent: costume, colour and the semiotics of Heathers
Michael Wilkinson’s podcast on technology and costume design is well informed and worth a listen.
Who decides what makes art good?
The launch of The Book of Jezebel has resulted in a spate of interviews with the site’s founding editor, Ann Holmes. Slate’s is a personal fave.
While on the subject of Jezebel, they had something to say about Hollywood and how it helps deter women from computer science.
Is discrimination the reason there aren’t more women in leadership roles?
“A first-rate girl”: the problem with female beauty
Why would the UK’s NSC benefit from having more women?
Of course Miley Cyrus would take the Rolling Stone skydiving.

And finally: hands up if you’d like to spend 154 minutes with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.


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