Substance Over Style: the December edit


Welcome to the final Substance Over Style for 2013! It’s difficult not to fill end-of-year posts with do-good ideas for the year ahead, but this year I’ve been inspired by a few more than usual, so I hope you’ll overlook the indulgence. See you in 2014…

Favourite new blog find: Anastasia (of Guise magazine) introduced me to the excellent Tyranny of Style

Via Clothes On Film, an excellent (and lengthy) analysis of the costumes in The Butler by their designer Ruth E. Carter

I’m not one for listicles, but it IS the end of the year: let’s remind ourselves about some classic moments of sexism but remember that all is not lost, because Twitter did just hire its first female board member (so depressing that it’s still ‘news’)

Related: literary feuds of 2013

Insightful: Women executives in the New Yorker, from the 30s on

Saving Mr Banks: a borderline-sexist spoonful of lies? Yes, according to LA Weekly

The always-informative Movies Silently posted a two part guide on how to participate and host blogathons: read part one and part two

Publishing a book won’t change your life: it’s probably lucky that I don’t have a book deal then…

Food for thought when ruminating on New Year Resolutions (or lack of): wrong ways to eat by Charlotte Shane

The fear of being alone, or, the joy of one

Unconventional life choices, or when the life you choose is a life less ordinary

Higher resolutions: can you commit to doing something every day in 2014?

And finally, just for fun: an oral history of the Clueless party scene (suck and blow, anyone?)

Images by Paolo Roversi via We Are So Droee



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