Substance Over Style: the January edit

alentino backstage spring 2014 coutureValentino, via Vogue

Chanel backstage spring 2014 coutureChanel, via Chanel

As the accompanying images suggest, the execution of this post was seriously hampered by my need to stare at pictures from the Spring 2014 couture collections. I can’t decide if I prefer Dior, Chanel or Viktor & Rolf, but either way I’m excited by the introduction of couture-approved trainers. But onto something more substantial:

The ‘do what you love mantra’ just devalues work and hurts workers: is it an overrated daydream?

Is there life after the office? Former Red mag editor Sam Baker has something to say

Is it time to reject imposter syndrome?

Pulls no punches: we kill ourselves because we are haunted

For writers: the value of words and the reasons why it’s worth writing them. And, related in my head at least, Rachel Hills has embraced Quality not Commodity (that’s speaking because you have something to say, rather than because you need to be heard)

Life as a female journalist: hot or not?

Virginia Woolf and how to read a book

Those retouched Lena Dunham photographs caused a whole lotta virtual mud-slinging. Lena had something to say to the haterz.

Why its worth banishing men every once in a while

What’s missing in Wolf of Wall Street? Women, obviously.

American Hustle: Clothes On Film went beneath the glamour whilst Cinema Enthusiast nailed a few of the problems I had with the movie

Super in-depth article with costume designer Kristin Burke from the GoFugYourself team

And just because: the best screen-style moments of 2013

Valentino backstage spring 2014 coutureValentino, via Vogue

Valli backstage spring 2014 couture  Giambattista Valli, via Vogue

Dior backstage spring 2014 couture

Dior backstage spring 2014 couture

Dior, via Vogue

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