Substance Over Style: the March edit


A day of London sunshine prematurely convinced me that summer had sprung. Of course it hadn’t, leaving me with little more than dreams of vintage swimwear, oversized sunglasses and stripy beach towels. I retreated back to The Internets where, as luck would have it, a host of fabulous articles were awaiting my attention. Here’s a few of my faves:

Silver Screenings reminded me why I love Judy Garland. As if I needed a reminder!

How have I never seen Cover Girl?

Was Louise Brooks a feminist before her time? And, should we all be applauding Miss Piggy’s decision to Lean In?

According to Wired, dystopian thrillers are the rare Hollywood genre where women rule. In the same vein, Katniss Everdeen hasn’t improved the chances of Hollywood heroines.

Too many excellent articles over on the BoF to pick just one. If you read only two, I recommend: collaborations with costume designers continue to grow and is London’s luxury ground-zero under threat?

The New York Times visited the Albright Fashion Library, a one-stop shop for costume designers

Costume designer Honah Lee Milne had something to say about those plunging necklines in American Hustle (yes, it’s still ok to talk about them…)

The Thriller at Vuitton: Nicolas Ghesquière’s first interview since he was appointed creative director of LV

Rachel Hills wonders if we should all start talking ourselves up, inspired by this interview with Caroline de Maigret. Food for thought.

Eight Years of Solitude. Or, freelance labour, journalism and survival.

And finally…I identified with so much of this: The Great Digital BFF Renaissance


One thought on “Substance Over Style: the March edit

  1. Thanks for the plug! 🙂

    There are lots of great articles to go through, and I’m especially glad you included a review of “Cover Girl” – plus a piece on the divine Miss Piggy.

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