Substance over style: the June edit

sos july 3
Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington by Roxanne Lowit (New York, 1989)

After a one-month hiatus (basically, I forgot), I decided to bring back substance over style. Not just because I believe there’s more to life than fashion and film, but because compiling this list actually encourages me to read more and read better. And who doesn’t like a list of links?

Is Game of Thrones more feminist than you think? (Warning: if you’re playing catch-up, this contains spoilers) (Time)

Miss American Dream. How Britney Spears went to Vegas and became a feminist role model. No, really. (Medium)

A Q&A with feminist fashion writer Kim France. Food for thought: Women were running fashion magazines in the 1930, whereas at Newsweek magazine in 1970, women had to sue before they were allowed to be anything more than a secretary or researcher. (Bitch Magazine)

First ladies are regal, maternal, and patriotic. Should they be sexy too? (Washington Post)

Funny, but true: how to tell you’re a woman in a Michael Bay film. My personal favourite? “You’re introduced legs first”. (Vulture)

Tampons were packed with their strings connecting them, like a strip of sausages, so they wouldn’t float away: Sally Ride and the burden of being the first (The American Prospect)

If they really want to change the numbers of women in the tech world, tech leaders are going to do a lot more than just try to get women into the field. They need to make sure they keep them. (Washington Post)

Eastwood’s boiled-down yet breezily ingratiating vision of “Jersey Boys” is both restrained and cheerful, deceptively simple and deceptively bland, like the music that it celebrates: ‘Jersey Boys’ and the lost mainstream of America (New Yorker)

Lucky mug shot? Or actually hot? What we talk about when we talk about hot felons. (Medium)

The always-excellent Rachel Hills – Eating disorders aren’t usually one thing or the other: sympathetic or self-indulgent, socially mediated or singular. They are all of those things at the same time. (NY Mag)

Bonus read: Goop for normals. This reminds me I need to unsubscribe from Gwynnie’s. It just makes me too angry. (The Hairpin)

sos july 2
Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista by Roxanne Lowit (1990)
sos july 1
Estelle Lefébure, Karen Alexander, Rachel Williams, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, and Christy Turlington by Peter Lindbergh (Vogue, August 1988)

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