A Liebster Award: I’d like to thank the Academy


Once upon a time (about three weeks ago), the wonderful CineMaven nominated yours truly for a Liebster Award. I’ve taken so long to reply the honour probably still doesn’t hold, but I’m going to claim it does. Now this isn’t a take-the-crown-and-bask-in-the-glory award. It comes with tasks…. pass the award on to some recipients, answer some questions and then ask some.

So the blogs I nominate (in no particular order, you should check every one out because they’re all wonderful) are:

Silent-ology / Regular Pop / Margaret Perry / Critica Retro / The Hollywood Revue / Speakeasy / Film Grimoire / Writer Loves Movies / The Vintage Cameo / Silver Screenings / The Blonde at the Film

Recipients: should you wish to accept this mission, simply answer my eleven questions (see below), share eleven random facts, think of your own questions, make some nominations and share the love. Simple.


My responses to Cinema Maven’s questions:

You’re a casting agent. Tell me, what two stars who never acted together would you most like to see in a film?
Barbara Stanwyck and Jimmy Stewart. The actress that could do anything and the all-American male – can you imagine?

What is your favourite line in a movie?
I have so many! Probably something from All About Eve: ‘I wouldn’t worry too much about your heart. You can always put that award were your heart ought to be’.

What is your favourite Hitchcock film… and why?
The 39 Steps. Why? Because it’s perfect. And Madeleine Carroll’s intro is the best character opening BAR NONE (ok, maybe Rita Hayworth as Gilda…).

Clark Gable or Cary Grant? Why?
Team Cary all the way. For him, acting was so natural, so effortless. Also, he wore a suit better.

What movie should never EVER become a re-make?
All About Eve. Oh, hang on…

What classic film star would you like to interview? Full disclosure. They’d hold nothing back during your interview.
Louise Brooks. Can you imagine the stories she would have….?

What movie or actor or actress (pick one ) was absolutely, positively, unequivocally robbed of an Academy Award? For what film? Briefly, why should he/she/it have won?
Barbara Stanwyck, for everything, but especially in Stella Dallas. She played the role so naturally, and that was probably her downfall – you only win if you look like you’ve given something up, right?! More than any other star, her magic was in her acting and not her looks – although they weren’t bad either. And I know this question is specifically about actors/actresses, but a special shout-out to director Preston Sturges. So many of his films should have been given the official nod…

What classic film star, at the height of his or her fame, would you like to show up with you at your prom? 
Marlon Brando, circa Streetcar Named Desire. If he’s unavailable, Steve McQueen would do…

Which endings resonate MORE with you: movies with happy endings or movies with sad endings? (Do NOT say, “that depends”). Name the film. And why? 
Can I say happy sad endings? For me, Casablanca is perfect – you want Rick and Ilsa to be together but you know it’s not the right thing. I like that. I like endings that don’t make me feel cheated.

What actor or actress do you find too hyped up and over-rated OR what actor or actress do you find totally under the radar, and should be much more well-known? Tell us why.
The ultimate under-the-radar actress is Myrna Loy. She gets a lot of love in the classic film community but she’s shockingly under appreciated by wider film goers. I think the same could be said of William Powell.

If you didn’t have classic films in your life, where else would your passion lie? What would your hobby be? 
Writing novels. But I like to think that I can combine the two. Well, one day.


11 (fairly random) facts about me: 

  • I love visiting cemeteries. Highgate is a particular fave. I even have a wish-list – Cementerio de La Recoleta (Buenos Aires) is probably at the top.
  • Prince is my musical and sartorial idol. Don’t mess with the purple one.
  • I like Marmite. I eat it straight from the jar (using a spoon).
  • I collect notebooks. I often don’t write in them. I just like to know they’re there.
  • My fancy-dress go-to is Sally Bowles (Cabaret).
  • I know every word (dialogue and musical numbers) to Grease. People refuse to watch it with me because I quote-a-long without realising (see also: Dirty Dancing).
  • Once, I knitted a scarf. It remains my greatest crafting achievement.
  • I have an art degree. Now I’m a writer. Go figure…
  • My enthusiasm for singing is matched only by the strength of my tone deafness.
  • I follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram. I’m sorry. But I.just.can’t.stop.
  • My best friend and I once walked across Manhattan for five hours to get to the Brooklyn Bridge. It didn’t look that far on the map…


11 questions for my nominated bloggers:

Congratulations on your award. Who’ll be presenting it to you? And why?

Which movie character would you like to ask for advice?

You can spend one day dressed in a movie costume. Whose would it be – and why?

What’s your favourite film decade?

Which film character do you most identify with?

What talent would you most like to have?

One movie that you’ve never seen but probably should….

… and the movie that you can watch again and again?

What was your best movie-watching experience?

You’re hosting a dinner party. Which classic stars/directors/personalities are on your invite list?

Who is your favourite movie villain… and why?

Thanks once again to CineMaven for the nomination…

10 thoughts on “A Liebster Award: I’d like to thank the Academy

  1. Congrats on your well-deserved award, and thanks for the nomination. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these interesting things about yourself. I nearly laughed when you talked about walking for hours to find the Brooklyn Bridge. In my experience, things NEVER look that far on the map.

    I’m with you on notebooks. I love to collect ’em, too, then feel bad for not writing in them. And I also completely agree re: the criminally under-rated Myrna Loy.

    You make an interesting point about the ending in Casablanca. I recently read a book on scriptwriting that said an ending can be happy or sad or unresolved, but it must feel satisfying to the viewer. Casablanca is the perfect example of a satisfying ending, in my opinion.

  2. Hi there Vicki…and thank you so much for accepting my nomination and award.
    ( * ) I see you’d prefer Cary Grant. Wow! You’re the third nominee who’s picked him. My favorite Capricorn is winning all the votes.
    ( * ) Louise Brooks interview? Whew! Get the hoses ‘cuz she looks like she’s got a lot of hot stories to tell.
    ( * ) Myrna Loy is truly unjustly neglected. Again, when you make it look easy…
    ( * )Stanwyck’s my girl. And thank you for the shout-out to Preston Sturges. Yes, Lubitsch had his “touch” but Sturges was also brilliant at poking fun and getting away with it. ( Now lets ask Betty Hutton again, WHO’S the father? )
    ( * ) I like your back up prom date being Steve McQueen. <> Not too shabby.
    ( * ) Five hours to the Brooklyn Bridge? Haaaaa! ( Sorry. ) As a native New Yorker I have to ask you, where were you walking from?

    Thank you again, for accepting this prestigious award. You’ve passed it along well. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your award! 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve read Louise Brooks’s “Lulu In Hollywood” but there are a few juicy stories in there to get you started… 😉

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